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Chapter Ten: Taking the Helm – Survey & Sea Trial Part 2! Proteus Rising – Book One

Even feeling the start of a virus, this guy was not going anywhere that wasn’t on this boat.

In this episode we continue our adventures in Anacortes, Washington as we put our intended sailboat through the paces of a detailed Survey & Sea Trial; however, the day is thwarted with a adrenaline hangover with a touch of flu. More importantly, did this Bayfield 36 pass the test?

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Who we are: We are Casz & Greg, empty nesters, Gen Xers, Adventure-Seeking Explorers, along with our two pups, Kola & Sprite. We bought a sailboat, sold our house, and bought an RV. Come with us as we venture from land to sea and all around the world. #proteusrising

We left the chains of the corporate-sponsored suburban lifestyle, said goodbye to our mortgage, the golden handcuffs jobs, and are living a life that lets us see the world on their own terms. #proteusrising

Post Script information:

Places in this video:
Anacortes, Washington
Fidalgo Bay

Kudos :
Berg Marine Surveys

Rob Rhodes, Mechanical Surveyor

Where we get our music:
This episode features:
The Road to the Sea – Andreas Ericson
Dreamers of the Shore – Daniel Gunnarsson
Dream Catcher – Gavin Luke
Surface of the Sun – OTE
Some Day I’ll Wait – Origo

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Chapter Nine: Learning the Ropes – Survey & Sea Trial Part 1! Proteus Rising – Book One

In this episode we make the trek back to Anacortes, Washington for a weekend away and the more importantly learning the ropes as we ready for the Survey & Sea Trial for our prospective sailboat. As always, we explore along the way and when we arrive, including cool places to eat and hike.

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Chapter Six: Falling In Love! Proteus Rising – Book One

We’re finally starting to get into a rhythm with this vlogging. Those that are following us on social media know that things are progressing on our #fiveyearplan, so that’s why there’s a bit of time between episodes. But, like we just noted, we’re getting into a rhythm and the next episode is already in production. Woohoo!

In this episode, we finally get a chance to see The Bayfield 36 we were totally geeking-out on in Chapter Five. We have a good time in Anacortes, Wash. and have great hope for our #fromlandtoseaandallaroundtheworld future. Our son has an epic football season, and starts to get acceptances to colleges and some recruiting looks as a two-sport athlete. But plans go a bit sideways with money to purchase any boat, let alone this one.

Watch and see how we handle it all.

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Come follow the adventure from the beginning:




Who we are: Watch two Gen-Xers, Casz & Greg, along with their two pups, Kola & Sprite, leave the chains of the corporate-sponsored suburban lifestyle, say goodbye to their mortgage, the golden handcuffs jobs, and live a life that lets them see the world on their own terms. #sellthehousebuyaboat

Post Script information:

Places in this video:  The Brown Lantern, Anacortes, Washington
Where we get our music:
This episode features:
The Road to the Sea, Andreas Ericson

Between the Sun & The Deep Blue Sea, Martin Carlberg

I Could Fall In Love With You (Instrumental Version), Martin Carlberg

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Chapter One: We’re Doing This! Now What? Proteus Rising – Book One

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” ~ Jesse Owens

Chasing a dream is a lot of hurry up and wait. But the waiting lets you think, plan, asses, change tactics, and determine the next right step. We’ve been doing a lot of chasing in these past months. We’ve also had lots of stalled moments, where the waiting has been an exercise in patience and determination. We’ve also been learning everything we can about the life we’re headed towards. Deep discussions in early morning light or after midnight darkness keeps us fueled for the next leg of this journey. And bit by bit we are getting it done. We can see the pot at the end of the rainbow. Now we just have to navigate this new life.

That navigation has been a challenge. With every challenge there are victories and failures. Both teach us lots. Casz says a lot lately: “Partial Victory is Mine!” Every accomplishment, no matter how small is worth celebrating. But we’re saving the champagne for the boat when we get her. In the meantime we work. And work it has been.  It took us a bit to get this next chapter/video out. Our apologies for the delay. Bet you thought we got cold feet and decided not to do it. Quite the opposite. We’re all in. However, we didn’t want to slap a chapter (episode) together. As it was, poor Casz was just about done with this episode and lost it all…and had to start all over again. That learning curve is still there — it’s not as steep now, and we’re really beginning to enjoy creating these little video books for you.

We have to tell you, though, this whole process of going from land to sea and all around the world is coming at us like a speed boat and some days we are at anchor trying to react (by the way, don’t be like the driver of that motor boat). Regardless, it’s here and we’re feeling more natural about recording our lives — because that takes some getting used to naturally. You need to be honest. You need to allow yourself to be vulnerable. In the big wide world that can seem very scary. Without those things the stories we share won’t have any real meaning to those who follow our adventure. So we’re determined to be real with our stories. We promise you that.

It was a whirlwind summer and you get a peak into all we did to cross off the list so we can sell the house, buy a boat, and sail around the world.

One word about lists. They seem to multiply. We have our big category lists for this, but we also have smaller task lists. There are daily lists (what did you purge today?); and there are weekend lists; and there are dream lists. The lists go on and on. It’s overwhelming and we can totally see why that would be a game stopper for anyone considering this kind of alternative living — especially if they are like us and have 30-plus years of family life to simplify. There’s no other way to describe it but this:  Hot Mess. Our garage looks like a disaster zone as we categorize things to sell, things to keep, things to give away or throw away.

Click the photo and you’ll see this chapter in our Proteus Rising adventure. We’d love it if you gave it a thumbs up, subscribed, and left us a comment! You can also find Proteus Rising on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Come hang with us there, too.

Next time we’re really getting into purging, enjoying our son’s senior football season, and sailboat shopping. Yep, we’re starting to shop now. So, stay tuned. We hope to get on an every-other week release for the time being. We’re shooting for 5 p.m. every “Thorsday”…the Viking ( on Instagram) would have it no other way.


Greg & Casz



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Prologue: Evolution of a Dream is Live – Proteus Rising – Book One

“I intend to live life, not just exist.”~ George Takei

Launch! Is finally here. It’s been an epic summer of changes and fall is raging outside and the the transition from dirt dwellers to blue-water cruisers continues. We haven’t stopped working towards our dream. And our first episode is hitting the interwebs! Woohoo! Feels so good.

It took us a bit — the learning curve for editing even a 15-minute film is very steep. Casz hasn’t done video production in about a decade. Lots has changed and she feels like a complete noob doing it. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. She always tells her writing students that to be a writer you have to write. You want to do episodic documentaries distributed via YouTube? You have to just do it.

We’re hoping to have the next video in a couple of weeks. New episodes initially will probably be bi-monthly. We are committed to being consistent.

In this video we talk a bit about how we got here, the hows and whys, a bit about who we are, and our goals for our Proteus Rising adventure, one we hope you’ll join us on, at least remotely.

You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Feel free in the comments here or on YouTube to ask us questions, provide positive constructive feedback, and join us in our goal to go from Land to Sea and All Around the World.

Dream Fearlessly! Live Boldly!


Casz & Greg



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