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Chapter 12: Sailboat Owners! Now What? – Proteus Rising (Travel Life) Book One (Buy A Boat)

In this episode we talk about what we learned going through the process of shopping for and buying a sailboat. We attend the Seattle Boat show as new boat owners, discover a new restaurant and pub, and start making tough decisions, like where the heck we are going to moor a 41-foot sailboat.
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Come follow the adventure from the beginning:


Who we are: We are Casz & Greg, empty nesters, Gen Xers, Adventure-Seeking Explorers, along with our two pups, Kola & Sprite. We bought a sailboat, sold our house, and bought an RV. Come with us as we venture from land to sea and all around the world. #proteusrising

We left the chains of the corporate-sponsored suburban lifestyle, said goodbye to our mortgage, the golden handcuffs jobs, and are living a life that lets us see the world on our own terms. #proteusrising

Post Script information:

Places in this video:
Seattle, WA
Mercer Island, WA
North Bend, WA

Where we get our music:
This episode features:
The Road to the Sea – Andreas Ericson
Written In Stone – Dayon
Long Roads – John and The Land of Plenty
Back to Seattle – Björn Skogsberg

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