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Chapter 19: Do All The Things! Proteus Rising (Travel Life) – Book One (Buy A Boat)

In this episode we have to juggle home projects, business travel, marina search (still), and boat projects. Oh, and it’s high school baseball season. As per usual, we are up to silly shenanigans. Thanks for watching. For information on the locations, businesses, and the music in the video, please see:

Where we get our music: Epidemic Sound

In this episode:

The Road to the Sea – Andreas Ericson

A Nifty Piece of Work – New Fools

Work these Shoes – Medite

Work, Work, Work – Reversus

Robot Work – Marc Torch

Busy Hands – Mica Emory

Head in the Game – More Than Family

What Are You Waiting For – Wellmess

Funkish Grooves – Martin Klem

Barefoot On A Summer’s Night – Isobelle Walton

Places in this video:

Shilshole Bay Marina, Seattle, WA

North Bend, WA

Anacortes, WA

San Francisco, WA

Issaquah, WA

Kudos to:

Gonzo and the team at GMT Landscaping, North Bend, WA

North Bend Sand and Gravel, North Bend, WA

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Who we are: We are Casz & Greg, empty nesters, Gen Xers, Adventure-Seeking Explorers, along with our two pups, Kola & Sprite. We bought a sailboat, sold our house, and bought an RV. Now as constant travelers, we split our time between Sailboat and RV. This YouTube series documents all of it, from the dream to the realities. Come with us as we venture from land to sea and all around the world. #proteusrising

We left the chains of the corporate-sponsored suburban lifestyle, said goodbye to our mortgage, the golden handcuffs jobs, and are living a life that lets us see the world on our own terms. #proteusrising

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